Meeting the King of Romance, Rob Ryan

Written by on June 13th, 2012 // Filed under ART, Design


Rob Ryan and Jeannine
Upon entering Rob Ryan’s Bethnal Green studio, I was visually bombarded by stacks of prints, tiles, dozens of mugs, some being painted and some waiting to dry. Making my way up the crazy narrow staircase the scene was not much different, ceramic felines, eggcup holders and a collection of skateboards hanging from the ceiling. Then there was Rob, warm smile and wild facial hair.

Mark (my husband) bought me a Rob Ryan ‘Our Adventure’ laser cut before he proposed and whether Rob likes it or not he will be part of my story forever. I mentioned this to Rob and he giggled and said he liked the sound of Mark. I can imagine Rob and his utterly charming art is part of many people’s stories.

While we were on the topic of relationships I took the liberty of asking Rob about using his romantic art to woo his wife. They have been together for 32 years, they met when he was 18 and yes he told me he would create collages from all the photographs they took together in photo booths.

Rob is an incredibly busy man and after 30 years in the business gets to pick and choose whom he works for. He has a thriving business, a dedicated team around him and a very mischievous twinkle in his eye.


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