Dunvegan Castle and Gardens


Rebrand all of the marketing materials for Dunvegan Castle and Gardens

Solution: Create a new brand identity for Dunvegan by redesigning their marketing materials, (everything from road signs to whisky labels) Dunvegan Castle and Gardens in Scotland has been a client since 2009.

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Dunvegan Castle is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland and has been the stronghold of the Chiefs of MacLeod for nearly 800 years. Situated on the Isle of Skye and built on a rock, the magnificent castle has survived clan battles, feast and famine and profound social, political and economic changes.

A few years ago we visited the castle in aid of design research. We spent a few days in the family quarters, a part of the castle that is not open to the public. After arriving Hugh MacLoed, the 30th Laird of Dunvegan Castle gave me a tour of the extraordinary castle and estate which is steeped in history and clan legend. He also showed me the dungeon situated by the kitchen, a way the MacLeod’s used to torture starving prisoners. Thank goodness not London designers.

The castle is full of priceless artifacts and Hugh shows us the most famous of Dunvegan’s treasures, the Fairy Flag and tells us about the legend of this sacred Banner which has miraculous powers and when unfurled in battle, the clan MacLeod will defeat any enemy.

Since 2009 all of Dunvegan’s marketing materials including, posters, leaflets, garden signs, road signs, entrance tickets and a membership card, one of which I was given have been redesigned! There is still plenty to do and we are currently designing the guide book followed by the Dunvegan website. Above are a few examples of rebranded marketing materials.

Today Dunvegan Castle & Gardens receives in excess of 100,000 visitors per year. There is a café, shops and five acres of magnificent formal gardens which Hugh has made significant design alterations to backed up by a sizeable investment. Boat trips onto Loch Dunvegan to see the seal colony is another of Dunvegan’s features and a personal favorite of mine! Other activities include camping at the estate’s Glenbrittle Campsite or if you are more luxury inclined, staying in one of Dunvegan’s newly refurbished holiday cottages might be a softer option.Fishing is also available.

Hugh tells us Dunvegan was originally designed to keep people out,
 and was first opened to the public in 1933. Over the years, they have welcomed Sir Walter Scott, Dr Johnson, Queen Elizabeth II, the Japanese Emperor Akihito and now us!

Together we are working on launching the Dunvegan Castle Art Show, under a new business called Wherefore Art? (an idea we both shared with the aim of promoting Dunvegan) involving a sculpture exhibiton in the grounds of the Castle and workshops for the community around Skye.