Sir Quentin Blake

Written by on July 1st, 2014 // Filed under Commissioning

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bookThis morning was the press preview of the opening of the House of Illustration in King’s Cross. Their first exhibition is “Inside Stories”, a landmark show by Sir Quentin Blake.

Quentin Blake, who is one of the UK’s most well known illustrators, talked about the importance and impact that illustration has over society, charity and most of all education.

I thanked Quentin for the talk and asked if he remembered me and the cover he created for Diplomat. Not only did he remember, he told me what the topic was (Sport and Diplomacy). He then proceeded to let me know that the Diplomat cover was featured in Beyond the Page, (a collection of Quentin Blake’s achievements) published in 2013.

When he suggested signing a copy, a second later the book was under his nose with me smiling from ear to ear. This has to be the most delightful way to start a Tuesday morning.

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